Let Obama Be Bartlet

On this chilly January morn, I figured all of us might need a little inspiration.

Top Ten ways Obama is like Jeb Bartlett (and how he should heed his example, fictional though it may be):

1) They’re both accused of being pretentious and overeducated…because they are…and they’re much better off turning it into a strength than trying to hide it.

2) They’re both secret smokers, but this flaw actually helps, because it makes them seem more human.

3) They’re both former professors at top universities and Nobel laureates; both have young daughters who live in the White House; both love to play basketball and aren’t above hiring ex-Duke players that have the added bonus of strengthening their team (i.e. Reggie Love).

4) They’re both constantly branded as liberals…because they are…and they’re much better off turning it into a strength than trying to hide from it.

5) They both came out of nowhere and defeated a formidable entrenched candidate in memorable primaries and a tired one in a forgettable general election.

6) They both have grounded, foreboding wives that they seem to actually fuck.

7) Both are able to lay the smack down when they get inspired.

8) They both floundered around their first year, trying to please everybody and avoid a fight (let’s hope Rahm has some Leo in him).

9) They are both capable of great eloquence, and are able to rise people up with words…both have photogenic young speechwriters.

10) Both have dedicated staffs that are willing to follow them off a cliff if need be…both need to utilize them, and also find deep reserves of courage to fight the fights that need fighting.


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