A True and Honest Sampling of Heidi Montag’s Twitter Feed

what should i eat for dinner? i am thinking pasta?!

good night sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite!

good morning! its another beautiful day in your wonderful life!

good morning!

good night! heading to bed BIG day tomorrow!

good morning!!! i hope everyone is enjoying this blessed sunday!

i just had the best yoga session! what a great way to start the day!

great morning! waking up to yoga! it starts my week off on the right foot! lets all count our blessing! ;)

note to anyone who gets a nose job, take off you tape in the shower after it is wet!

my husband waking me up for yoga at 5:00am is just crazy!!

Good morning! I just had the best kundalini yoga session!

is everyone been working out ??? how are you guys doing ?? Time to keep motivated im trying too !! XOXO have a blessed day

i love to watch my 3 puppies cuddle !! there all sooo cute together i love them so much !!!

Day 8 !!! How is everyones Thursday ??? you are all doing great !! cant believe how good we are all sticking to this workout !! XOXO

oooh i love sleeping in a bit !! do you guys ?? My puppies even slept in too but there anxious to go for a walk i think !

Follow Heidi here for more (a lot more) of this.

And, just because, here’s a poem she wrote for Spencer.


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