Why Even Bother?

I’ve always been on guard against the trap of thinking things were “better in our day”. All those Boomers who thought music was better in the ’60s were obviously wrong (it was great, but there were other great eras). It’s possible that there are great teenage action movies out there that I’m missing…I’m sure there were thirtysomethings making fun of “Top Gun” when it was in the theaters. But nothing tempts me to head into Andy Rooney territory more than YouTube.

There’s nothing I find as annoying/satisfying (except for TMZ) as flipping through the top videos of the week. For instance, there’s this one in the Top 20 or so right now:

It’s a compilation of bloopers from some channel run by two ditzes that give beauty advice. So what, you say, any idiot can put stuff on YouTube? Except…these chicks have almost 200,000 subscribers. 200,000 people have chosen to be updated every time they post something. They have close to 25,000,000 views. That’s greater than the population of Texas.

Then again, this is the number one clip in YouTube history:

What the fuck? 155,000,000 times this video has been viewed. Not only that, but it has a 4 1/2 star rating. Most people give it 5 stars! Now, I understand that most women will watch anything that has “adorable” children in it. But why is this any better than the clip your brother-in-law put up of his kids falling off a swing? If I were the Evolution of Dance guy who was supplanted by this shit, I’d be livid. To spend years of your life coming up with a pretty complicated (albiet annoying) dance routine, and to be beaten out by 20 million views by two retard kids biting each other? Talk about putting your life in perspective.

What is the everloving point of trying to be a success in pop culture these days? You can bust your balls to write the greatest script/song/book you can, and some suit in Hollywood will be asking why you can’t be more like Andy Samberg. For some perspecitve, the best selling Spoon album sold 1/2 of 1% as many copies as times this has been viewed

Just fucking forget it.


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  1. Musky Canadian Scent

    It made a big sneeze! It’s precious! Have you no heart???

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