The Godfather of Them All

The new We Are The World whetted my appetite for the Original…the first celebrity charity sing-along video jamboree. In 1980, movie producer and executive Robert Evans pled guilty to buying coke. Instead of going to jail, he spent $400,000 on an anti-drug song. Not only did he get the Fonz, Tattoo, Bruce Jenner, Muhammad Ali, Bob Hope, Erik Estrada, John Travolta and Paul Newman (why, Hud, why?) to participate, but he got NBC to build a whole week of programming around the idea of “Get High on Yourself.” All of NBC’s shows tied into the theme, and they showed the song once an hour in primetime…for eight consecutive days. According to The Kid Stays In The Picture, Evans’ insane autobiography, it was “the Woodstock of the ’80s”.


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