Handsome Man. Terrible Accents. Vol. I

Leonardo DiCaprio is a handsome man. And I no longer believe, as I once did, that he is a terrible actor. I now believe he is a limited actor who is capable of being quite affecting at times (see: Revolutionary Road). But one thing that he absolutely cannot do, one limit that he cannot overcome, is speaking with fake accents.

I am looking forward to seeing Shutter Island, which is pulling all kinds of good reviews, but I am not looking forward to seeing Leo butcher a Boston accent. WE AHH DOOLY APPOINTED FEDERAL MAAASHAALS, indeed.

But this is not the first time Leo has tried to do the good citizens of Massachusetts proud.

Wow. You can almost smell the baked beans on his breath. Mayor Quimby would be proud, LD.

And, of course, before Scorsese appointed Leo as his favorite son of Sam Adams, he decided he’d make a good Irishman.

Well, top o’ the mornin’ to ya! And where’s me pot o’ gold?

And last, but not least…Leo, can you describe for us the difference between what citizens of the United States call expensive jewelry vs. what people in South Africa might call it?



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