Quick Question Of The Week

Forget Chile and Haiti…the world averted a disaster of truly international proportions when Snooki, Vinny and Mr. Big were unharmed after a glass roof collapsed during a masquerade party in New York to celebrate Purim.

There were so many questions to choose from: Purim? Is Mike Logan Jewish? Is it possible Snooki is trying to win a bet by going to a party celebrating every possible holiday? Did she beat up the beat at a Casmir Pulaski Day potluck tonight? How does the husband from The Good Wife feel about the fact that a 22-year-old guidette with no talent would have led the obit section over him? Is there any doubt that Chris Noth is the Robert Urich of our generation?

That’s overthinking it, though. We already have the proper question in the vernacular: What the fuck?


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