Selig’s Trying to Pull a “W”

A while back, David Simon Cowell and I engaged in a little back and forth about which commissioner has been worse for their sport, Bud Selig or Gary Bettman.

Well sorry, DSC, but I rest my fucking case.

Selig is clearly trying to get one last parting shot in before he retires (He is never going to retire. He is an undead.) Like a departing president signing all kinds of quasi-legal executive orders before he leaves office, Selig saved his craziest idea for the bitter end.

Realigning divisions temporarily based on payrolls…Huh. Let me smoke on that one for a while. Let me ruminate.

OK. I’m back. That is original…it’s creative…it’s FUCKING BATSHIT INSANE.

1. This plan requires teams to admit to their season ticket holders that they’re terrible, and have no intention to compete.

2. Sports are built on rivalries. And yes, Bud, even small-market teams can have rivals. Switching divisions willy-nilly will destroy the foundations on which those rivalries are built.

3. Selig uses the English Premier League as an example of fluid divisions. There’s a big fucking difference, Bud: In the EPL, teams move up or down based on performance. They don’t move laterally based on the miserliness of their owners and/or a whim.

Bud Selig, ladies and gentlemen. Leaving no stone unturned in his quest to destroy that which he has been charged to protect. An American idiot.


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