Handsome Man. Terrible Accents. Vol. II

Brad Pitt is a handsome man. There are people out there who think he’s a good actor. I am not among those people, but that’s OK.  He’s fine when he’s in his comfort zone, when he’s basically playing Brad Pitt, the charismatic leading man, like in Ocean’s 11.

He is absolutely not fine at speaking in fake accents though. Even setting aside Inglourious Basterds, in which his shitty accent was kind of the point, he has given some absolutely abominable performances when asked to speak in tongues and dialects.

To wit, the worst Irish accent in the history of film, entertainment, acting and sound itself:

Jeezus! That’s even worse than Leo’s stab at the brogue. I could see where an Irish accent might be tough for an American to pull off, though, especially if you haven’t been exposed to many Lucky Charms commercials or U2 rockumentaries. But a Southern accent’s got to be easier, right?

OK, maybe not. But I bet it’s hilarious when he tries an exaggerated Cockney accent. Just knock-you-down-with-a-feather funny. Yeah?

/shakes head sadly.

So handsome. So fucking terrible at speaking.


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