Stick A Fork In Us

Sometimes, it’s hard to see past one’s own social group to view our society accurately. Nearly everybody I spend a decent amount of time with uses public transportation, owns a Mac, listens to Spoon and the Hold Steady, knows who David Foster Wallace is, can discuss the difference between Wes and Paul Thomas Andersen, knows the Wire better than any other television show of the past decade, etc., etc. Given that my cohort hits nearly 100% on things like these, I tend to forget sometimes that they aren’t common or popular.

Another subject that it seems to me everybody cares about is the organic/localvore/real food movement. Mrs. Simon Cowell has been into this for years, but lately it seems like everybody I know is starting to get interested. Even The Dilemma has grown to love a good Farmer’s Market. The unintended consequences of mass food production seems to finally be entering public consciousness. Even Jaime Oliver has gotten into the act, for fuck’s sake.

Then, I open up my morning paper (actually, I opened my laptop, but that doesn’t have the same ring), and come across this:

KFC has introduced the Double Down, a sandwich that uses fried chicken instead of bread. Two pieces of industrialized fried chicken, with cheese, bacon and mayonnaise spackling them together. I haven’t been able to confirm that they’ll also kick your diabetic child in the ‘nads with every order.

And when I realized that more people will probably eat this fucking thing this week than will read a Michael Pollen book this year…well, let’s just say it makes me yearn for the simpler days of Failure Bowls.

Although it probably isn’t that funny for the chickens. Take it away, C.J. Parker.

When Pam Anderson is the voice of reason, we’re probably not on the right track.


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