Philly Phans Are At It Again

While I hate to be the one to foment more P.C.H.A. intramural sniping, let’s just say that I can’t take any list of baseball evil seriously that puts the White Sox above the Cubs or the Angels above the Dodgers (or the Yankees above the Red Sox, but I know that one is in stone).

And I would respectfully submit that any system that allows a Philadelphia team to make the Top 5 is flawed. I like “Always Sunny” as much as the next guy (unless the next guy is The Dilemma), but that doesn’t mean that I find Philly fans to be lovable or funny. Just look at this face:

What did this poor misunderstood soul do? PURPOSELY VOMITED ON AN 11-YEAR-OLD GIRL! At a baseball game in April. Against the Nationals. Which seems reasonable…if you’re from Philadelphia.

So let’s deduct some points from Philly for their ridiculous fans; some more from the White Sox for being owned by the same guy that backed Jerry Krause to the point of driving Jordan/Pippen/Jackson out of town; yet more from the Angels for having a crowd that gets more excited about the La-Z-Boy giveaways between innings than anything that happens on the field. And then we can have some beers and listen to the song that Scott Stapp ripped off and weep in hope for a time when the light overtakes the darkness.


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