Happy Friday Night Lights Day!

Gentlemen! Take a knee, gentlemen. Gather ‘round.

Alright. Now I know you men have been working hard, and I do appreciate that. But this? This right here is something different. We have a job to do tonight, and I aim to make damn sure that job gets done, and gets done right.

Friday Night Lights season four premiere is on NBC tonight, gentlemen. Now, I know what some of you might be thinking:

“The whole season’s already aired on DirecTV.”

“I’ve already read spoilers online.”

“That show peaked in Season 1.”

That’s exactly the kind of negative thinking we can’t allow in here. That kind of attitude is poison. This group, this right here is a family. We are Friday Night Lights fans. And we cannot allow that poison to infect our family. If it hurts one of us, if it causes one of us not to watch, it hurts all of us.

This has been a tough time for a lot of you. I know that. Lost is ending, and you’re not sure if there are any dramas on the network television landscape worth watching.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is one. Now, I think I’ve proven over the years that I believe in you. But with that belief comes a responsibility. With that belief comes an expectation. I don’t just believe you’re going to be watching Friday Night Lights tonight, I expect that you’re going to be watching. And if you’re not, you’re damn right I’m going to be disappointed in you.

I won’t lie to you. Losing Lost is going to hurt. There’s no getting around that pain. But what you can do, what we can do together, is use that pain to make us stronger. To propel us forward to our destinies.

And I know some of you have been dabbling with your DVRs and your downloads and what have you. I’m not interested in any of that. I’m only interested in what’s inside your hearts. Is it in your hearts to rise to this challenge, and watch this premiere in its entirety, live, with commercials and everything? Do you have what it takes to do that? I believe you do. I expect you do.

Life is so very fragile. We are all vulnerable. And we will all at some point in our lives fall. We will all fall. But that point, that time, it’s not tonight, gentlemen. We must carry this in our hearts. That what we have is special. NBC. 8:00 Eastern. I’ll see you there.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.


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