Dear Chicago:

I love you. I still do.

But you’ve got such a chip on your shoulder about being a MAJOR AMERICAN CITY, about being on the same playing field as New York and Los Angeles, that it’s a little embarrassing. It’s why you cared so much about your failed Olympic bid.

Sometimes, through sheer enthusiasm and good will, you almost convince me you’re right.

But then I read something like this. On Conan O’Brien’s comedy tour stop in New York, his featured guests were Vampire Weekend, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. At the show I went to in Chicago last week, the guests were Tim Meadows and Lil’ Ed.

But keep plugging away, Chicago. You don’t want to get complacent in your role as America’s third most important city. You never know when Seattle or San Francisco might be gaining on you.

Kindest regards,

The Dilemma


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