Are We Sure It Wasn’t a Poll for “Scrappiest”?

The great Joe Posnanski links to an SI poll on his blog today:

The magazine interviewed 347 players and asked: Who is the nicest player in the game?

I’ll show you the Top 5 and you tell me what stands out:

1. Mike Sweeney, 20%
2. Jim Thome, 17%
3. Johnny Damon, 5%
4. Derek Jeter, 5%
5. Raul Ibanez, 5%

So what stands out? You betcha: Three of the five players are former Royals. We grow ‘em nice in Kansas City.

Hmmm. Well, I certainly agree with Joe that something stands out, but it’s doesn’t have anything to do with the faded blue uniforms of the KC Royals.

No, what stood out for me is that the top three players, who collected 42% of the total votes out of all the players in baseball, are all white. And the fourth-place finisher, a certain Captain Intangibles, is half-white. About 42% of MLB players are minorities, yet none the top three nicest guys in baseball were all white.

Look, maybe there’s nothing fishy here. Maybe Sweeney, Thome and Damon are the nicest, sweetest, baby-kissingest, sons of Jesus that have ever crossed a foul line. Just looks a little weird, that’s all I’m saying.


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