Do All Our Beloved ’80s Media Stars Hate the Jews?

First, there was Mel Gibson, who has forever ruined the Lethal Weapon movies by showing how closely he actually hews to Martin Riggs — only if Riggs were racist, anti-Semitic and a woman-hater. And unnaturally obsessed with blow jobs. (Maybe Riggs was all those things — it’s in the subtext.)

And now it’s Oliver Stone, beloved, iconic director of “Platoon” and “Wall Street”, who blamed the “Jewish domination of the media” for Americans demonizing Hitler and overrating the importance of the Holocaust. Let justice be done though the heavens fall, indeed!

I admit to being a little confused — why, when Ollie had the chance in “World Trade Center”, didn’t he reveal that 9/11 was all part of an Israeli/liberal-Jew conspiracy? Missed opportunity.

But why do our ’80s stars hate the Jews so much? If Jews run the media and Hollywood (and the banks), shouldn’t the likes of Gibson and Stone simply say “thank you,” and be on their way?

What’s next? Is Tom Cruise going to turn out to be anti-Semitic also? Oh, wait…


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