Haiti’s Schwarzenegger

What has Lauryn Hill done? Not only has her prolonged disappearance from the hip-hop scene cost us one of the best voices in the genre, but it’s given her Fugees partner Wyclef Jean far too much time on his hands.

CNN is reporting that Mr. Jean is running for the presidency of Haiti, a country he left 28 years ago at the age of 9. What are his credentials?

Well, none. Except that in 2005, he founded the Yele Haiti Foundation. At first, everything looked good… the foundation provided thousands of scholarships to Haitian children. Until 2009, when the foundation released its ’05-’07 tax returns. Much of the money the foundation collected was dispersed to Jean and his family… $400K out of $1.1 million in 2006, for example. That includes $100,000 for Jean to play a benefit concert for the foundation, more than double his going rate.

This isn’t to say that Jean is necessarily a crook… just that he may not be the best person to lead a country recovering from a devastating earthquake, a job that will require dealing with massive international donations.


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