Your Saturday Antivirals

You guys, I’m exhausted. 9/02/10 took it all out of me, and it’s left me an empty shell. A carcass.

When you look forward to a day for that long, there are bound to be consequences when the day is over, even if it’s all that you imagined it would be.

In the end, much like everything else, 9/02/10 just made me think about my own mortality. Because none of us will be around for the next 9/02/10. If I have kids, they likely won’t be around for the next 9/02/10. And on that magical day in the 22nd century, will the cause for celebration be forgotten? Or will there be giant murals of the Peach Pit on our national monuments? Will Brian Austin Green’s visage be added to Mount Rushmore? I’ll never know.

So if you’re like me, depressed and fearful for our future, than try to take some solace in these small amusements:

The AV Club poses an interesting question: which artists have the biggest gulf between their best work and everything else? Essentially, they’re looking for the Brady Andersons of the entertainment world. My nominees: “Weeds,” George Lucas, country music.

Mad Men Season 4 is in full swing, and the most recent episode reminded us of the sizzling chemistry between Don and Joan. And yet…and yet…the Mad Men fan fiction community is really letting us down. I cannot find one sizzling softcore tale of Don/Joan exploits. It seems that all that exists is tepid shit about Pete Campbell’s motivations. But if you want to read about Jack Donaghy fucking Sally Draper? You’re in luck.

Over on Twitter (Have I mentioned you should follow us Twitter? You should follow us on Twitter.), Kristen Bell has started a campaign to get a Veronica Mars movie made. Movies based on TV shows, even great TV shows, almost never work. However, I’m all in favor of a big-screen Veronica Mars, if for nothing else but to save Kristen Bell from the choices she’s been making. Sing it, Veronica.

The Internet is an uproar about baseball’s thug du jour, Nyjer Morgan. Morgan’s brawlin’ with the Marlins provides us with a perfect break between old and new media. Old media, obsessed with baseball’s ridiculous unwritten rules, reacts like this. New media, on the other hand, challenges the Marlins to a fight.

Read an in-depth interview with Liza Richardson, music supervisor of “Friday Night Lights.”

And speaking of FNL, what’s Buzz Bissinger been up to lately? Well, breaking all ties with Tony LaRussa, mostly. And otherwise continuing to go batshit crazy in the most entertaining way imaginable.

Enjoy your Labor Day, children. We at PCHA, however, never rest. We are always on alert, always watching, always prepared for the next change in our T-cell count.


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