Your Saturday Antivirals

Football’s back, baseball pennant races are ongoing, the fall TV season approaches, and the cool air of autumn has arrived — life is, well, if not good, at least moderately less terrible than we’re used to.

Let’s celebrate with some time-wasting Internet links!

Chicago’s “beloved” Mayor Daley has decided not to run for re-election, and Gapers Block has a fun look back at the big lug’s campaign ads over the years. Meanwhile, ArchitectureChicago Plus wonders where we’ll go from here. Hopefully, to a more cosmopolitan mayor.

Pop Matters examines the impact of Pitchfork’s often-glib, widely read, poorly written reviews.

Local faves Muzzle of Bees published the latest entry in their Poster Tube series, which examines the creators and creation of music posters. Check out the lovely Antlers poster.

David Bordwell has an interesting take on film vs. television consumption and criticism. I disagree with almost every word in this piece, but like I said, it’s an interesting take.

I’m weary of picking over Rick Reilly’s columns like a hyena searching for fresh meat on a rotting elk carcass, so I’ll just link to this one, and say that it involves all of Riles’ hallmarks: terrible jokes, an indefensible defense of Lance Armstrong, and this line: “I’m trying to write a column about the worst sports inventions ever. Help me out here. The leader so far: sports bras.” No further comment.

Over at the AV Club, Noel Murray takes an in-depth look at the Arrested Development episode, “Good Grief.” It’s a worthwhile exercise in trying to figure out what makes AD tick, but also proves that explaining why something is funny almost never works.

In honor of Stephen Hawking’s arrival on Twitter, we present David Cross’s timeless impression of the good Sir Hawking:

Oh, hey, look who won best comment of the week on Videogum (admittedly for a not-very-funny comment — maybe the Videogum voters were influenced by full-page ad in Variety). When do I get my check?

And lastly, this is happening. God help us all.

Enjoy your weekend, kids.


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