Your Saturday Antivirals

Today, we celebrate not only the 6th anniversary of Britney Spears’ marriage to Kevin Federline, but the 451st anniversary of the French surrendering Quebec to the Brits. Both events worked out extremely well for everybody involved. I think we can all agree on that.

So how will we celebrate? How does Pop Culture Has AIDS always celebrate? With a handful of lazily collected Internet links. Enjoy, assholes.

So what is TwitChange? It’s an online auction in which people can bid to have celebrities follow or mention them on Twitter, to benefit Haiti or something. But more importantly, we can use TwitChange as a real-time Q-factor poll, to determine which celebrities our doomed society most values.

The top ten bids currently placed are for the following celebs:

  • UFC honcho Dana White – $11,600
  • Zachary Levi – $11,200
  • Ian Somerhalder – $5,800
  • Jewel – $3,550
  • Jessica Alba – $3,075
  • Alyssa Milano – $3,050
  • Joe Jonas – $2,550
  • Shaq – $2,550
  • Nathan Fillion – $2,175
  • Demi Lovato – $2,027

Further down the list are such luminaries and cultural icons as: Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Souljaboy, Adrian Grenier, Lou Diamond Phillips (!), Perez Hilton, Olivia Wilde and Ricky Martin.

The biggest surprises?

1. Demi Lovato is an actual person who is famous on some level.

2. The fact that Bieber and Kardashian are not dominating the charts. Do Jewel and some guy from UFC really have more cultural import in 2010 than the omnipresent Bieber, and the omnipresent-on-E! Kardashian? I’m very confused.

3. That there is a “Chuck” fan devoted enough (and wealthy enough) to pay more than ten grand to have the guy who plays Chuck follow them on Twitter.

4. That Olivia Wilde is so far below the upper-tier “hot girl” contingent of Milano and Alba. Do people not have eyes? Do they not remember the famed OC lesbian kiss?

Enough with that. In other news, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted looks at the most anticipated albums of the fall.

Lindsay Robertson takes the terrible poster of “The Freebie” to task.

Bruce Markusen at The Hardball Times writes an impressive piece on the Vietnam War’s impact on some individual baseball careers.

Hey, M. Night Shyamalan’s got a new movie out. I bet it’s awesome!

Do The Old 97’s have one more great album left album in them? My Old Kentucky Blog thinks so, despite the mediocrity of everything they’ve done since Satellite Rides.

And most importantly, David Simon Cowell and I face each other in fantasy football this week. Check back Monday for a 5,000-word analysis of our matchup.


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