The Gutless Wonders

Jesus Fucking Christ Goddammn It!!! Aarrgghh!!!

Politico is reporting that Democrats in the Senate have decided to put off dealing with the Bush tax cuts until the lame duck session. They’re worried that they wouldn’t be able break a Republican filibuster. So they’ll hope that they keep control of the Senate ( has it as an 82% probability right now) and address it later.

To review… the Democrats have 59 SEATS!!! They are planning on keeping the middle-class Bush tax cuts, and only letting them expire for people making over 250K a year (or 3% of the U.S. population). These tax rates only go back to Clinton-era level (or, as its known, the last solid economy we’ve known). The taxes would also go up on corporations, definitely the most popular demo in America right now.

So, instead of heading into the midterms being able to tell voters that Democrats gave the middle-class a tax break and made the upper-class and corporations pay their fair share, they can now say that they want to do that, but unfortunately they’re big gaping vaginas. And every crazy Tea Party candidate can say that the Democrats don’t do what they promise anyway, so we may as well try something new.

Before the final decision, California Senator Diane Feinstein had this to say:

There’s a lot of concern because there are a lot of close races. It’s so subject to manipulation. It would give everybody except the top a decrease – and [Republicans will say], ‘Oh, you raised taxes.’ And that’s a problem.

She went onto say it was better for Democratic candidates to say they were for it, without having actually having a vote that Republicans could attack.

How about this, you functionary cunt… the Democratic party finds candidates who can somehow sell a plan that 75% of the American public would agree with on its face. If you can’t block a Republican attack with the parry that they’re the party of the rich, you don’t deserve to be a Senator. And if you can’t nail a Republican Senator who’s running for reelection for voting against a middle-class tax cut (that he undoubtedly voted for under Bush) because he wanted to protect the wealthy and corporations… move the fuck aside. There has to be some dogcatcher behind you who will do better.

Obama, who’s twenty times the politician of any of these idiots, realized this was a winning issue for Democrats (as well as the right thing to do). But he either doesn’t have the juice or the balls to make it happen.

This is the “business as usual” that you promised to change, Mr. President. For their own good, call these fucking deadbeats back into session until they finally do some of the shit you promised (with 59 VOTES!!!)

To paraphrase Leo McGarry at a similar point in that fictional administration, we’re all waiting for you, I don’t know for how much longer. The ground game isn’t working, let’s put the ball in the air… instead the Democrats have put their money on the Prevent Defense. You assholes… that doesn’t even work in Madden!


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