Seth Cohen Weeps

When The O.C. premiered in August 2003, it seemed like a bright new voice had emerged on the television landscape. The show served as an update of tired teen dramas, complete with a funny edge and a willingness to admit that American teenagers have sex, drink alcohol and take drugs.

The O.C. was a very good show for a season, and a pretty good show for a couple more after that. More than anything else, it was vibrant and energetic, and a welcome respite from the dismal network TV landscape.

After creator Josh Schwartz ran out of ideas and ratings plummeted, the show was mercifully cancelled following its fourth season.

Schwartz went on to create two new shows: Gossip Girl, which is good candy, and Chuck, which I’ve never seen but has a good reputation. So it’s with considerable sadness that I learned about Schwartz’s new planned venture.

From Vulture:

Following a bidding war, NBC has secured the right to make a pilot of a new Josh Schwartz series called Ghost Angeles, which will star Summer Roberts Rachel Bilson. The script for this O.C. reunion does not yet exist, but the concept is reportedly very similar to that of The Ghost Whisperer (though presumably with more scintillating banter and timely pop-culture references). In the show, Bilson’s character will see, and help, dead people.

Has it really come to this? For both Schwartz and Bilson, this seems like a worst-case scenario. I know Bilson’s been reduced to a bit role on How I Met Your Mother, but COME ON! Ghost Angeles??


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