Another Obama Scandal

Poor President Obama. The guy just keeps getting embroiled in one damaging scandal after another. I mean, OK, he hasn’t entered any wars under false pretenses, or ignored crucial intelligence about Al-Qaeda pre-9/11, but he was caught in a lie about whether or not he knows who Snooki is.

And now, the President has committed another transgression, and in the process pissed off a key member of the cultural elite.

So what did he do?

He walked his dog wrong.

According to professional condescension artist The Dog Whisperer, Obama has done a bad job training his dog. You can tell by the fact that the dog is leading him in a picture, or something.

Now, of course it must be said that — whatever. This “news” is the definition of whatever. Except that it is the fucking lead story on Yahoo’s homepage.

So…fuck Yahoo. And fuck the fucking Dog Whisperer. This is a guy whose training techniques were called “inhumane, outdated and improper” by the American Humane Association. He’s basically Michael Vick with a show on the National Geographic Channel, and with a ridiculous manner that impresses the old and the infirm. Also, he once said this: “The goal that God and I have together is the whole world transformed through a dog.” Good. Good goal.

Basically, there are three things wrong with this story:

1) This kind of cutesy, human-interest bullshit “journalism” belongs on page 12 of the purple section of the USA Today. Not the lead story of a major Web site.

2) The Dog Whisperer should shut the fuck up. You’re already richer than you could possibly deserve, Dog Whisperer, so stop this self-promotional bullshit.

3) There’s a 40 percent chance that the new, Republican-controlled Congress will use this as an excuse to start impeachment hearings. The last Democratic President was impeached for getting a blow job from a fat chick. Is walking a dog improperly really that much worse?


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