Your Saturday Antivirals

Sometimes, whatever higher power exists in the universe tries to trick me.

Sometimes, it/he/she/they tries to get me to believe that life contains some good, that life is something more than a long chain of meaningless pain leading to inexorable demise.

In a week that saw Brett Favre throw a pick-six to lose to the Jets, that saw the Yankees get off to an improbable 4-0 start in the playoffs, that saw the arrival of legitimate fall weather to Chicago, that saw a number of good-to-great entertainments on the TV (led by Terriers and a resurgent Always Sunny and The League), that saw fall beers taste exactly as they should — in week like that, I almost let myself fall for it.

But I’m not that dumb…maybe just happy.

Following all kinds of revelations about Brett Favre’s penis, this week saw Keith Richards breaking news about the size of Little Mick Jagger.

Videogum’s best “You Can Make It Up” yet: Eric Stoltz gets drunk and buys a Delorean. Poor Stoltzie. I’m excited to see the Internet’s best video editors and Photoshoppers get to work and edit Stoltz into the lead roles of early version of Top Gun, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Rambo.

An interview with Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells sheds light on the band’s origins. (Note: they’re boring.)

Replacing Sad Don Draper: Sad Nolan Ryan. (Note: I am not getting cocky. I know Cliff Lee still awaits. But I can still take immense, untold pleasure from that image.)

I appreciate mp3 blogs that make an effort to keep the mixtape alive. Any old blog can post a song or two each day that shows up in their inbox, or that they found on Hype Machine, but it takes legitimate effort to craft a mix, paying attention to order and mood. So here’s a fall mix from I am Fuel, You are Friends.

Because Justin Timberlake’s performance in The Social Network proves that he is a legitimate double threat as an actor and musician, we need to bring him down a peg. Here are the 25 most embarrassing photos of Timberlake’s younger days. Never forget.

And the countdown is on…17 more days until the first-ever nationwide release of the McRib. Perhaps Musky Canadian Scent can recreate the Night of the Three McRibs. Never forget.


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