The Perfect Metaphor for the 2010 Campaign Season

In Kentucky (where else?) yesterday, supporters of Republican Senatorial candidate Rand Paul tackled and stomped on the head of a woman working for outside a debate between Paul and his opponent, Democrat Jack Conway.

Read the story here.

See the video below:

Now, I’m not saying the stomping victim, Lauren Valle, is 100% innocent in this scenario. I can see where her intentions were unclear, and people might have wanted to keep her from approaching a candidate for Congress — but she certainly didn’t deserve to have her head pressed into a curb by a couple moonshiners.

And that’s basically the 2010 election in a nutshell: crazy Republicans stomping the Democrats head into a curb, while the Democrats are too indecisive and too weak to fight back. According to good old Nate Silver, Paul has an 88 percent chance of winning the election.

Update: The stomper has issued a statement declaring that the stompee owes him an apology. Of course he has.


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