Your Saturday Antivirals

Hey, everyone! It’s a special all-World Series edition of the Saturday Antivirals.

Baseball hasn’t provided a great World Series since 2002, and only two of the subsequent seven could even be classified as “decent.”

Two games in, here’s hoping this year’s mildly compelling matchup between a tortured fanbase and a fanbase that doesn’t give a fuck breaks the trend. Even though the underdog Giants are up 2-0, and the first two games were blowouts (in large part thanks to Ron Washington’s negligent bullpen management), I’m holding out hope for a competitive series.

McCovey Chronicles has a fun, Brian Sabean-themed version of Choose Your Own Adventure. It’s been a long time since a GM lucked their way into a World Series appearance as blatantly as Sabean.

A Giants blogger interviews a Rangers blogger. So cordial. I would rather see Giants bloggers and Rangers bloggers have bumfights in the street.

Hardball Times looks at ten interesting World Series matchups that could have been.

Baseball Musings examines Matt Cain’s effectiveness in Game Two. With pretty pictures.

Yankees fans were mean to the poor little wifey of Rangers starter Cliff Lee during the ALCS, potentially damaging the Yankees’ chance to land Lee as a free agent. Lee predictably said he’s not bothered by the incident, but what else is he going to say? Eliminating the Yankees from the derby at this point will cost him about $50 million.

Look, Philadelpha fans are clearly boorish monsters, but this is pretty redeeming.

For old time’s sake: FJM. It’s true that it just doesn’t feel like a World Series without the presence of tiny, brave little David Eckstein.

Non-World Series link: Aaron Gleeman has rebooted his countdown of the Top 40 Minnesota Twins. Scott Erickson is #39? Jesus. The Twinkies (sorry, Craig) have had an even sadder history than I thought. Is Terry Tiffee going to be top 20?


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