Return of a Legend

With the possible exception of genius, the superlative most loosely thrown around is legend. Just because somebody is remembered doesn’t make them legendary. There are a few conditions that make the term applicable. They must have been among the best at what they do. They must have set a standard of excellence that is discussed to this day. And they must have an aura of greatness that is passed down from father to son. Abraham Lincoln is legendary… Millard Fillmore is not. Joe Montana is legendary… Bubby Brister is not. Jimi Hendrix is legendary… Andrew Ridgeley is not.

Already, the NFL season has featured the return of Michael Vick, who has had many legendary moments both on the field and in the dog ring. He’s the all-time leader in Yards per Rushing Attempt and is on the short-list of most exciting NFL QBs. In most seasons, that would have to be enough. But this weekend, another NFL legend reclaims his starting job. He’s the all-time leader in Completion Percentage and is on the short-list of safest NFL QB’s to bet against the spread.

Welcome back James Chadwick! I can’t decide what’s better… being able to bet against you again, or being able to giggle maniacally when you play the Bears on Thursday. Guess it’s a pick ’em.


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