Your Sunday Antivirals

The antivirals are back, motherfuckers! The antivirals are sorry for their multi-week absence, but they’ve been busy in clinical test trials for major pharmaceutical companies.

It feels wrong somehow to run the antivirals on a Sunday. Unholy. But nonetheless…

It’s been a while since we’ve done a round-up of our favorite music blogs, so let’s take a whirl around the Internet and see which of today’s hot young indie bands are tomorrow’s discarded fads.

The big music news of the week was the release of a box set by a certain beloved American icon, but we’ll be dealing with that much more later in the week. But check out Pop Dose for an interesting take on an alternative version of Springsteen’s catalog, in which he released more material as he recorded it, instead of squirreling it away for the winter of his career.

Returning to the world of mere mortals, Faronheit reviews LCD Soundsystem’s new live release. Meanwhile, Consequence of Sound reviews the new Girl Talk album. (Quick PCHA take: not as great as “Feed the Animals,” but still a lot of fun. INXS + “Holla Back” = yes.) And, via Pitchfork, here’s a link to a site that spells out all of Girl Talk’s samples.

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted has full coverage of CMJ, an event I couldn’t possibly have less desire to ever attend.

The Old 97’s still exist? Really? And still making new albums? TSURURADIO reviews their latest, Grand Theatre Volume One. Actually, I’m being too snarky by half. Yes, the Old 97’s have released two straight subpar albums (three if you include Rhett Miller’s last solo release), but they can still write the occasionally catchy tune, and Miller can still spin a clever lyric.

I’m getting pretty sick of low-fi as an indie trend, but I’ll admit to being charmed by Tennis. Modern Mystery has a link to their new single.

There are very few hard and fast rules here at the antivirals. But here’s one: if you title a blog post “The Rap Paul Orndorff,” we’re going to link to you.

The Decemberists are back with an album that’s supposedly less Medieval and rapey, and more country and Peter Buck-y. We All Want Someone to Shout For has a video of them performing their new single on Conan, and I think I might prefer the Medieval rape stuff.

I love cover songs, and hence have avid appreciation for cover-song blogs. Cover Me has a post that includes 2010’s most ubiquitous indie/pop crossover star Robyn covering “When Doves Cry.”

Lastly, on a seasonal note, Can You See the Sunset has a mix of Thanksgiving-themed songs.

How shall we close this out? An Arcade Fire video directed by Spike Jonze? Well, if you insist.


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