It Had to Happen

Everybody’s favorite long-haired, pretty-boy quarterback has a new gig. (And what is with the long hair, Tommy? What are you overcompensating for? Or more accurately, what is Giselle making you overcompensate for?)

Mr. Thomas Brady is the new face of Uggs for Men. It’s a perfect fit: the world’s douchiest football player hawking the world’s douchiest clothing product. According to New York, Brady “says he loves and has been wearing Uggs for a long time.”

Of course he does. Mr. Bündchen will fit in perfectly with all the Trixies at the corner bar in your city’s least palatable neighborhood, wearing his Uggs with a pair of short shorts and a cute top, and trying to drink away the pain of blowing a 19-0 season to Eli Manning.


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