Your Saturday Antivirals

Let’s skip the niceties and get straight to one of the best videos you’ll see in your lifetime:

Oh, hello there, Bud Bundy.

So what else is going on in this cold, wintry world of ours?

The World Cup is going to Qatar, for one thing. FiveThirtyEight has the most straight-forward, least hysterical analysis of FIFA’s decision that I’ve seen. Look, this decision is obviously a bribery-driven farce, but let’s all stop pretending that the United States had the divine right to host an event most of its citizenry couldn’t give a fuck about, just because we could have made it profitable.

Greta Gerwig is set to star in yet another Noah Baumbach movie, sure to incite another bitter argument between David Simon Cowell and Mrs. Dilemma bout Ms. Gerwig’s level of attractiveness.

Thirty minutes after NASA announced it had discovered an entirely new life form, one that could change the way we search for aliens and change the way we consider life itself, what was the top story on Drivers stranded in the Buffalo snow.

Lost in all the anti-LeBron hysteria from this week? The fact that Clevelanders have acted like the whiniest, most entitled assholes this side of Boston ever since The Decision.

Year-end music lists have started to roll in, and as always, Largehearted Boy is our aggregator-in-chief. Consider these lists appetizers for the main-course extravaganza that will be the PCHA year-end round-up.

We’ve pretty much ignored the ongoing Randy Quaid saga here, but this is simply too delightful to dismiss.

And lastly, an inside-baseball controversy has erupted over Frank Darabont firing the writing staff from his hit TV show Walking Dead in advance of a second season. Yes, it’s an odd move coming off a debut season that was successful among critics and audiences. But I’ve seen the show, and the dialogue and plotting are horrific, and unintentionally funny most of the time. So…good job, Frank Darabont?


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