Your Saturday Antivirals

Rick Fuckin’ Reilly. Riles. Double R. He’s still got it, you guys. Check out this mind-blowingly original piece of sportswriting. The concept: Reilly uses two different voices (one in italics!) to illustrate that the Jets are a love-them-or-hate-them team. See, Reilly both loves the Jets and hates them! He can see both points of view! Really creative stuff. Never been done before.

Now a few baseball links to get you through until pitchers and catchers…

Dock of the Rays looks at Tampa Bay’s attempt to recreate the 2004 Red Sox, only older, wiser (?) and more cost-effective.

Most analysts are amazed at the Blue Jays’ coup in getting read of Vernon Wells’s contract, and actually getting something of value in return as an unlikely bonus. Halos Heaven looks at the other, more unpleasant side of the picture. What’s it like to be a fan on the receiving end of one of the worst buggerings in trade history? Meanwhile, The Tao of Stieb checks in with the Canuck point of view.

Interesting Jonah Keri piece at FanGraphs: if every player in baseball were a free agent and could be signed to a lifetime contract, and every team had an unlimited budget, who would be the most sought after player?

Swingin’ Jeff Francoeur proclaimed the Mets’ ballpark, Citi Field, “a damn joke.” Craig Calcaterra illustrates that perhaps the ballpark was not the problem for one of baseball’s least likable players.

Not quite a baseball link, but the erstwhile Ken Tremendous chatted with Vulture about the Parks and Recreation season premiere, Joe Morgan’s firing and more. The highlight:

Of all the actors working on the show, who shows the most heart, grit, or just overall scrappiness?
They’re all pretty scrappy. Aziz is the shortest male, so let’s call him the grittiest. Pratt has the most heart. Aubrey Plaza Gets the Most Out of Her Abilities. And Offerman has the most guts.

Oh, Ken. How can I hate your sports teams so much and still love you?

It’s About the Money Stupid examines and picks apart the recent kerfuffle about Brian Cashman losing power as the Yankees’ GM.

And for the nerds out there, Walk Like a Sabermetrician analyzes offensive performance by position in the 2010 season.

Play us out, Baseball Project…



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