Your Saturday Antivirals

I think it’s only right that we let a drunken, Twittering Danny DeVito have the last say on the unrest in Egypt:

democracy human rights jobs fair Egypt Non Violence only way Unity No Violence find peace HM off ballot true elections only way to unite

Says it all, don’t it?

More Antivirals, on the way:

Uh oh, did David Simon Cowell get hold of this article?

Speakers in Code reviews Nicole Atkins’ new album, which I’ve been eager to hear since catching Atkins at SXSW last year. Her voice sounds ridiculous live. Also: pretty cute.

Daytrotter unveiled their Best of 2010 playlist. I can heartily recommend the tracks by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Lissie and Tennis. The rest of the playlist tends to ghettoize Daytrotter’s sound and spirit.

Apparently, we’ve found the limit of my appreciation of cover songs.

Miss Mad Men? Jesus, me too. Check out the all-MM blog Basket of Kisses to keep you warm during these cold, Draper-less months.

Speaking of dearly departed shows, Carlton Cuse discusses his difficult transition to a post-Lost world in the New York Times.

Big news! Oscar nominations were announced this week! Zzzzzzz…..The only real news to come out of the nominations was Christopher Nolan’s Best Director snub. (And me winning $5 from DSC because The Kids Are All Right received a Best Picture nomination.) Maybe it’s age, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to work up a good head of steam about anything that happens related to meaningless award shows. Is this the beginning of the end?

Will Ferrell will appear on the last four Office episodes of the season, to ease our broken hearts a bit after Steve Carrell leaves. Sight unseen, there’s no way a moment in those four episodes tops this week’s David Brent cameo. A dying show’s last great moment?

Pop Dose posts a mixtape of their favorite B-sides. This probably deserves its own response post, but my all-time favorite: Arms of Love, a Robyn Hitchcock cover by R.E.M. from the Automatic for the People era. Play us out, Michael, Mike, Peter & Bill:


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