Your Saturday Antivirals

At tomorrow’s Super Bowl, there is going to be a halftime tribute to Ronald Reagan. And then the Black-Eyed Peas will play. I mean…for real? Is there anything else they could possibly come up with to make this halftime more awful? Can we involve Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow somehow? How about a one-act play involving the combined casts of Outsourced and Mike & Molly, performing a script by Tucker Max?

We need our antivirals more than ever.

This is too consistently hilarious to pass up: the Baseball Player Name Hall of Fame. It’s much funnier than it sounds, even if it is infringing on Emma Span’s groove a little.

Speaking of SB Nation, you probably know by now that Rob Neyer left ESPN for said nation this week. Oddly, this led to a lot of Neyer tribute posts, as if he were retiring or dying rather than switching websites. Nonetheless, Neyer’s a great baseball writer, and some of the tributes are also great:

More baseball: Andy Pettitte announced his retirement yesterday. I’ll spare you my maudlin, homerish tribute post and instead just link to the great Joe Sheehan on why Pettitte should be a Hall of Famer.

I am Fuel, You are Friends compiled an impressive San Francisco-themed playlist. You know what I’ve learned over the years? People who live in San Francisco LOVE IT when you call their city “Frisco.” As in General Hospital bad boy Frisco Jones.

So…let me get this straight: Russell from Survivor was acting as an anonymous source and revealing the show’s eliminations ahead of time? Does that make me hate him even more or grudgingly respect him?

Pretty  Much Amazing reviews the new Akron/Family album.

Taki’s Magazine has an interesting take on Winter’s Bone. And John Hawkes talks to Movieline about his role in said film, and his somewhat surprising Oscar nomination.

But enough ephemera. It’s Super Bowl weekend. And although the authors of this blog are fans of the Jets and Bears, we must push aside our disappointment and bitterness and find a way to get up for the game. It’s a compelling matchup, replete with young guns, wiley veterans and rapists. It’s the Super Bowl. It’s got to be fun, right?

Take us out and lead us to the Super Bowl, Future Mrs. Dilemma:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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