A Quick Note About the Super Bowl

Can the Mongoloids who get paid to write and talk about sports for a living please stop throwing around the word redemption in regard to Ben Roethlisberger?

Here’s a brief quiz:

How do rapists gain redemption?

  • A) It’s not possible
  • B) Serving their debt to society in the penal system
  • C) Spending the rest of their lives repentant
  • D) Dedicating their lives to helping women and women’s charities
  • E) Continuing to be good at the profession they were good at before raping

Answer after the jump.

Well, we can debate the merits of the other four options, but I can tell you with absolute, searing certainty that the answer is not E.

Big Ben cannot redeem himself by winning the Super Bowl. He cannot redeem himself by winning the next ten Super Bowls. His performance on the field has zero to do with his raping off the field. Just like Michael Vick coming back to be a successful NFL starting quarterback again has nothing to do with his dog-killing. If you want to believe that Vick has been redeemed through prison, hard work, God and Tony Dungy, that’s fine, but his on-field success story is irrelevant to his off-field travails.

I know the media is desperate for copy during the interminable two-week break before the Super Bowl, but write a profile about a punter or something for Christ’s sake — anything but a story about Big Ben’s manufactured redemption.

It must be hard for Steelers fans to separate their personal feelings for their QB1 from their all-encompassing desire for another championship. I feel for them. But that doesn’t justify any of the media’s feel-good interviews with Big Ben that are making the rounds. It’s never easy to root for players you hate — trust me, I’ve had to root for Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson and Kevin Brown in the last decade. But you need to find a way to divide the art from the artist without resorting to pandering pap. Sportswriters shouldn’t write it and fans shouldn’t accept it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kill and eat a hobo and then redeem myself by writing the best fucking blog post of my life.


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