Better To Be Lucky Than Good

D.S.C. Sr. is an alum of St. John’s. So I remember the good (5 Big East Championships, 1 Final Four in the ’80s), the bad (no March Madness appearances since 1999… thanks to two from the Mike Jarvis era being vacated), and the ridiculous (the teenaged Ron Artest).

Today, the Johnnies had all three. It started with the good… they headed into their first Big East tournament game with Rutgers as one of the feel-good stories of the year in college basketball. Led by first-year head coach Steve Lavin and assistant coach Gene Keady, they headed into the tourney as the fifth seed, looking to improve their March Madness placement from decent to good.

Then the ridiculous:

Now comes the bad… a team that could have headed into March Madness as a possible Cinderella darling now will be mostly known as the assholes that helped steal a win from the most pathetic state school in the nation. Thanks, Big East refs, for canceling out a season’s worth of good karma in several seconds.


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