The 20 Most Insufferable Uses of #Winning

Charlie Sheen has given us a plethora of gifts. He’s entertained us. He’s distracted us from the world falling apart around us in Wisconsin, Libya and Japan. He’s lifted our blog traffic. Thank you, Charlie.

But Charlie giveth and Charlie taketh. He’s been spouting catchphrases both natural and forced since this whole mess began, with “Winning!” being the simplest, best and most pervasive. I’ll admit it was a fun little gag for a couple days, to use “Winning!” in places both appropriate and inappropriate. “My 2:00 meeting was cancelled. Winning!” Ho ho ho. Droll.

But like many catchphrases, it’s worn out it’s welcome quickly, helped into obsolescence by overuse. And nothing kills the comedy golden goose more quickly than Twitter.

In that spirit, the 20 most insufferable, douchey, unfunny uses of the #Winning hashtag.

  1. CharIieeSheen Nice guys finish last, awesome guys finish on her face. #dealwithit #winning
  2. itzjlee Bout to get my #xbox modded #winning
  3. Fares_Alaboud The world’s in agony and Charlie Sheen is still trending. #winning
  4. jlau1303 Aced my CMNS 110 midterm never going to class and cramming. That’s what I’m talkin bout #winning
  5. tylerbjacobs Waiting in line for #ipad2. Gonna be a long day. still #winning
  6. mandah2 I am officially #winning.but please Pray for all those in jersey,japan, and hawaii #suchsuddentrauma
  7. TheRealRealShiv everyone that had tsunami insurance #Winning
  8. Rmayes1313 If you’re not getting fucked up and rocking 311 you’re not #winning
  9. LukeKosk @eperry88 so Elizabeth sat in our seat so I sat in the one next to her so their wasnt a seat for Joe and she moved. #Winning
  10. Tcarroll6699 “In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.” — Leo Tolstoy #JAPAN #winning # tsunami
  11. oDonnaAsho Was able to fit in my hollister jeans tht I cud not fit into a month ago…. #winning
  12. jhall025 I have one gear…go #epic #winning
  13. ryholden I managed to get myself out of bed before 4 p.m. #winning
  14. thelostgoose Just played Call of Duty 3 and I’m as good as I used to be #winning
  15. juliakangel Watching love actually, the guy who plays Karl who was in 300 makes me happy in my pants. Plus Laura Linney has nice tits so,#winning
  16. Robert_Vito Life is beautiful. The end. #winning
  17. CampbellRama Just got my paycheck, windows down, kenny chesney up, bout to be a great weekend #winning
  18. goldengriffin90 Just beat a guy on Madden online who had won over 150 games. How? Touchdown pass with no time left. #winning
  19. ummAdriana When you’re creeping someone that you follow but never really notice and then you realize they recently RT’d you. #winning
  20. YessyNicole Jus had my review at work & got a bonus for the company making over 2 million in sales! #winning

Congratulations, America. You’ve ruined this in record time. Narrowing this list down to 20 was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.


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