Somebody Please Save Us

If ever we have needed a hero, it’s now. If ever we’ve needed someone to reverse the Earth’s rotation and turn back time, it’s now. If ever we’ve needed a deus ex machina, it’s now. Because the end is nigh. There’s no future. There’s no salvation. There’s no hope.

Ladies and gentlemen…Jared Leto dressed as Kurt Cobain, singing Nirvana songs:

If American Idol desecrated Cobain’s memory, then Leto has dug up his corpse and had his way with it over and over again. Leto made love to Cobain’s dead body until it crumbled to dust beneath him. Good job, Jordan Catalano. Mission accomplished. [Best YouTube comment for this video: “Goosebumps… this is not even called a cover, it can be called a Resurrection of a voice i haven’t heard been spoken in years”]

But Leto’s not done. His plans for the remainder of 2011 include:

  • Dressing up as David Foster Wallace and pretending to hang himself from a speaker tower at the next 30 Seconds to Mars show
  • Putting on blackface, dressing as Martin Luther King Jr., and filming an interracial porn video
  • Dressing up as Mark David Chapman and…oh wait…


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