If an Old-Timey Baseball Scout Advised Women On Potential Sex Partners

Listen, I like the kid. I do. He’s got a big league-ready body, that’s for sure. Good core. He’s a little lanky, but he’s deceptively coordinated.

And I like his makeup. He’s a little immature, and a little handsy early on, but I think he’ll still be there in the morning. He’s a little advanced for his age in that respect.

He’s got plus-plus girth, so he’s got that going for him. Length is slightly below average, so he might need to come up with another pitch at some point down the road, if you catch my drift. As far as “motion of the ocean” goes, he’s a 55 on the 20-80 scale. He usually sits at about 120 thrusts per minute, but can top out at around 175. Comes in at kind of a weird angle.

The big problem I see with this kid is his ceiling. I just think he might end up being a quadruple-A lover. The kind of guy you keep around for a while until you find something better. A back-of-the-rotation kind of guy. I’m recommending him, but I wouldn’t stake my reputation on it or anything.


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