Texas Forever

Good news, everyone! Texas Governor Rick Perry is considering running for president. Watch your back, Pawlenty.

I’ve often wondered, “If only America could be more like Texas….” while staring off into the middle distance and caressing my Winchester Repeater. Now maybe we’ll all get to find out together!

Rick Perry’s Greatest Hits:

His aura smiles and never frowns


  • Called the BP oil spill an “act of God” as a means of exonerating the oil company scumbags who caused the spill, then neglected and downplayed it for months.
  • Is fine with death penalty laws being responsible for the death of innocent people.
  • Is corrupt as fuck.
  • Thinks we’re going to Hell if we don’t confess our sins. Probably also thinks the Devil has a long red tail, a pitchfork and a cauldron of boiling blood and hellfire.

So…basically your typical 2011 Republican, just with a little extra dose of Texas pride and better hair than Romney. Uh oh…


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