Even Freddie Rumson Thinks This is Sexist

Not to go all AdBusters on you, but are there any commercials on television that are more socially repulsive than this effort from Klondike?

Ha ha ha ha. Stupid bitches! Amirite, guys? Trying to talk to us and all when we just want to watch the game. Damn.

Beer commercials receive all the negative publicity, but this Klondike ad could stand with any Bud Lite or Miller Lite ad in terms of degradation of women and appeal to the lowest fratboy/Bro common denominator.

You see, this everyman’s wife is so fucking boring when she opens her stupid trap that listening to her talk for just five seconds is worthy of an ice cream reward. Everybody and everything associated with this ad comes off poorly, with the stench of cynicism and hatred. The guy in the commercial is a vile piece of shit, and I hope he chokes on his unnaturally green ice cream bar.

Think about how many worthless executives had to create and approve this commercial for it to exist. Remember that those people all (probably) still have jobs, given that the ad runs constantly through major and minor sporting events.

I mean, we all know that you marry someone just so that you can get sex more often, and maybe some good cooking. Grantland sponsor Klondike really fucking nailed it, though, didn’t they, gentlemen? The worst part of any marriage is having to listen to your wife speak. I mean, it’s just nag, nag, nag, all the time. Finally, someone has the courage to speak out and remind women of their place. Casual sexism and shitty ice cream bars: the perfect combination.

“You guys really went too far this time. Not cool.”


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