Rebecca Black: Assessing The Fallout

Not since The Beatles followed up “I Want To Hold Your Hand” with “She Loves You” has the United States held its collective breath in anticipation of an artist’s second single.

It’s not easy to recreate perfection, however.

Even a trooper like Rebecca Black feels pressure, people. She told CBS News about her struggle, one that literally took up weeks of her life, “to find the perfect song that kind of tells off the haters a little bit but stills shows that you’re a serious artist. It’s hard.”

It took four months, but finally, finally…

Personally, I find the song to be a captivating comment on the relationship between the Internet and privacy. By simultaneously existing both within and outside of her persona, Ms. Black has proven herself worthy of the mantle of Joyce. At the same time, her work seethes with an anger at society’s inequalities. To wit:

“I’m not stopping for you
No matter what you do
I’ll just keep on dreaming
My head up in the clouds when nobody is around to see…”

Even after she has stripped off society’s shackles enough to dream, Ms. Black still is afraid of being witnessed. The humanity…

However, it’s the voice of the people that really matters. Thankfully, the first draft of Pop Culture history no longer disappears above the watercooler. Some of the 2.8 million people who’ve watched the video since it was posted yesterday were kind enough to chime in:

“It’s actually not that bad. I wish it was a little less auto-tune sounding though.” – funnymunky1

No, no you don’t.

“It’s Catchy;) I’m not gonna dislike it, That’s kinda rude. :) I Like it. xx” – mika12345able

Mika12345 has weighed in.

“definitely MUCH better than friday.I actually thimk this is one of my fave songs” – jlatzke

Who cares that he first heard it five hours ago? When a song grabs jlatzke, it grabs him.

“cmon xD there is moar bad singers xD go hate on them instead” – KevinWorthen

I think Rick Reilly’s head just exploded.

“Dear Rebecca, people are disliking this just because they are basing you on one song. You are beautiful, you do not need to listen to them. You have an amazing voice, that company ruined it by autotuning you. Well that was stupid. The other paople are jealous. You’ve got what 2 songs out (im not sure if prom night is a spoof or not) and your gonna have an album out!! Well done!” – RandomDancerChick

It’s hard to believe that some people pay for therapy… see how easy it is?

“No Rebecca, this is not your moment, and I don’t care, not everyone can be successful especially from where you started, I am not a “Hater”. Some people just don’t belong in the light. I’m sorry. Thumbs up so she sees this.” – AwesomeA111

Wow… it’s so rare to see pure narcissism in the wild.

“you go girl!! :) its just wrong how people disliked you, wiehl the song friday just wasn’t that good, it wassn’t your fould your a verry good singer! and i don’t care people hating me for saing this! your acualy realy good and people should stop saing al these bad things about you because they don’t realy know you! and me neither but you seem nine :) and yes this is your moment, don’t think about the haters and belief in yourself! just like i do :) you wil get there, ur already there acutaly!:)” – xxdemihvjxx

I think Bill Cosby’s head just exploded.

“Let’s see any of you do better. Get over yourselves. She’s made more out of herself as a thirteen year old then any of you will in your whole lives.” – laurennikimel

I’m guessing Lauren and I differ in both our definition of both “something” in the phrase “making something of yourself”, and our belief in the limits of human possibility.


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