The Pop Culture Has AIDS Summer Mix

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but it’s been fucking hot lately. Pretty much everywhere. If it’s not hot where you are, I’m jealous, and please invite me over. If it is hot where you are, but you have a pool or are by an ocean, please invite me over. I’ll bring wine coolers.

In the meantime, we can get through this thing together. Let’s all hunker down through these sweat-addled days with a summer mix. From your pals at PCHA.

On Spotify? Find the mix here.

1. Sandman Viper Command / Oh Yeah, It’s Fusion

2. Modern Superstitions / Visions of You

3. JEFF The Brotherhood / Shredder

4. Exploding Hearts / Rumours in Town

5. Pusha T & Tyler the Creator / Trouble On My Mind

6. Beyonce / Party

7. Cults / Oh My God

8. Cut Copy/Lights & Music

9. Super Wild Horses / Fifteen

10. Free Energy / I’m Going Down

11. Agesandages / No Nostalgia

12. Superchunk / Rope Light

13. Ida Maria / Cherry Red

14. The Soundtrack of Our Lives / Karmageddon

15. Shimmering Stars / I’m Gonna Try

16. Sonny & The Sunsets / She Plays Yo-Yo With My Mind

17. Shabazz Palaces / swerve…

18. Okkervil River / Your Past Life as a Blast

19. Broken West / Perfect Games

20. LCD Soundsystem / Tribulations


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