Breaking Bad: “Bullet Points” in Bullet Points

I’m kind of worried about Jesse Pinkman, you guys.

Spoilers ahead for those of you not up to speed.

His girlfriend died pretty recently. His mentor and father figure coerced him into murdering a guy in cold blood. He’s displaced from his family. And after going into drug cooking and dealing as a way to express his independence, he’s stuck working a boring 9-to-5 job for The Man.

He’s tried becoming an audiophile and sampling the finest in high-end stereo equipment. He’s tried Go-Karts, which admittedly are awesome. He’s tried Sonic the Hedgehog. He’s tried lots of pizza (and dipping sticks). He’s tried making new friends. But none of it is working. He can’t get his murderous recent past out of his head. Jesse needs a new hobby — one that will help him forget Gale once and for all.

Jesse Pinkman’s Strange Addiction: Other Things That Jesse is Losing Himself In to Distract Himself From His Conscience

  • Stamp collecting (avian stamps only)
  • Miniature golf
  • Beanie Baby resellers market (his eBay handle is “CapnCook474”)
  • CB radio
  • Antiquing (specialty items only)
  • Fantasy English Premier League
  • Pogs
  • Photobombing strangers’ wedding pictures
  • Commenting on Videogum (He got into a weird flame war with Steve Winwood that made everyone uncomfortable.)
  • Gourmet teas
  • Reruns of “Clarissa Explains It all” on Nick at Nite
  • Fixing good (get it?)

Other Karaoke Songs Gale Specialized In

  • 867-5309/Tommy Tutone
  • Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)/Looking Glass
  • Come On Eileen/Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  • Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart/Elton John and Kiki Dee (both vocal parts)
  • She Blinded Me With Science/Thomas Dolby
  • Three Little Pigs/Green Jelly
  • Bicycle Race/Queen
  • Particle Man/They Might Be Giants
  • Let’s Get It On/Marvin Gaye
  • Devo/Whip It
  • Sister Christian/Night Ranger
  • Groove Is In the Heart/Deee-Lite

GIF via Best Week Ever

Things That Are Less Painful to Watch Than a Ten-Minute Scene of Skyler Coaching Walt Through a Script

  • A love scene between Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman in the second Star Wars trilogy
  • A Ken Burns 12-part series about the history of parsley
  • A Fred Durst sex tape
  • A ten-minute scene of Marie cleaning Hank’s bedpan

Other Things Walt Discovered While Looking for Jesse in His House/Drug Den

  • Bumfights
  • An ocelot
  • Necrophilia/Pedophilia/Bestiality
  • A peaceful game of canasta in the back bedroom
  • People snorting human ashes
  • A homemade piercing parlor set up in the study
  • Juggalos
  • Mr. Brainwash working on the living room walls
  • A dog-fighting arena
  • Some feces, I’m guessing
  • Margot Kidder

Whimsical Additions to Gale’s Lab Notes, Beyond a Far Side Strip and Vegan S’Mores Recipe


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One response to “Breaking Bad: “Bullet Points” in Bullet Points

  1. I think this is the episode that is turning the season towards how they promoted it – seems like everything is really getting going now and they’re upping the ante on action…I’m interested to see what is gonna happen with Jesse for sure.

    I love when Walter busted into Jesse’s trashy little party and confronts him about how they plan to deal with the fallout from the murder of Gale (you can watch at ). Great song, too (“Flyentology” by El-P) that is such an intense song for such an intense scene

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