Overheard in New England

I spent the last week in the heart of New England, so close to Boston I could smell the Axe body spray and chewing tobacco. The following is a small sample of snippets of conversations I overheard:

  • “What do you think about the Sox?”
  • “The Sox are in real trouble this time, I can feel it.”
  • “Boy, the Sox are really in trouble now.”
  • “You know what I think? The Sox should just stay in bed today. They’ll do better.”
  • “The Sox won last night though.”  “Doesn’t matter.”
  • “I’m never rooting for the fackin’ Yankees. I don’t care if it would help the Sox.”
  • “The Sox are doing it to us again.”
  • “Get in the right cah!” (unrelated, but still fun to hear)

* For the record, the author still believes Boston is the best team in the American League, in spite of everything.


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