The Whitney Cummings Era: Week Three

What a week for The Whitney Cummings Army! The network television executives of America have recognized genius when presented with it, and picked up both 2 Broke Girls and Whitney for full seasons! Of course, this should have been a forgone conclusion… I mean, would you want to be remembered as the guy who cancelled Monty Python or The Big Bang Theory? As a fan of Freaks and Geeks and Cop Rock, however, I know that sometimes mistakes can be made. Kudos to CBS and NBC for not putting off the inevitable. However, now I have to figure out what to do with the gross of postcards I bought in case a letter-writing campaign became necessary.

This week is also notable, because we’re starting to see the full-fledged flowering of Ms. Cummings’ vision. Pilots are always unreliable as a sample of a show… they are basically a rough draft. Already, Whitney’s mother switched from Beverly D’Angelo for Jane Kaczmarek (a blonde as the mother of America’s Dusky Sweetheart… what were you smoking NBC? Hahahahaha.) This week, Ms. Cummings was finally able to put all the introductions and setup behind her and start playing her sitcom instruments.

As we settle in for a nice long ride of landmark comedy, let’s take a look at this week’s episodes.

2 Broke Girls – And Strokes of Goodwill – 11.42 million viewers

I’m glad it’s short so they can get back the story, but that theme song by Peter, Bjorn and John sure is poppy. Did you know they were Swedish? I mean, how edgy can Ms. Cummings get? It’s like how Max and Caroline keep calling the Goodwill store ‘The Will.’ I’m totally going to use that.

So, this week’s episode featured a trip to Goodwill, some extremely original jokes about Facebook ethics, and some private time between Max and Chestnut the Horse. As Caroline navigates her new life in slummy (time-warped-from-2002) Brooklyn, the full weight of her life changes are still unfolding before her. It’s really hard to put emotion into a sitcom, but when Caroline found her donated shoes discounted at Goodwill? Enjoy your Emmy nomination, Beth Behrs… I haven’t felt chills like that since Tom Hanks played Uncle Ned. Of course, while Max teaches Caroline about the poor life, Caroline teaches Max just as much about friendship. What a duo.

On a somber note, I’m just glad Steve Jobs lived long enough to see his products used on the show. At least he left us knowing his legacy was secure.

Best Line: “I can’t believe you’re trying to shoe her down… You’re turning Goodwill into Badwill.”

Whitney – Silent Treatment – 6 million viewers(no exact figures, Wikipedia? It’s been over 12 hours! Stop perfecting the Steve Jobs page and get back to work, Nerdlinger! Also, why when I search for Whitney, do I first get some listing for some museum. Get with it, Google!)

Another week, another awkward role-playing scene between Whitney and Alex. I’m just glad that their relationship is so healthy that they don’t need marriage.

Looks like Ms. Cummings had Facebook on her mind this week. Just as 2 Broke Girls explored Friending people, Whitney pointed out that girls need to update their Facebook page in order for guys to be interested in them. As a guy I can only say, finally, the truth!

This week was another mating waltz between Whitney and Alex. Alex told Whitney to “shush”, so Whitney decided to give him the silent treatment, because no he didin’. Of course, Whitney giving Alex the silent treatment backfires, because he actually loves not having her talk to him. As a guy I can only say, finally, the truth! So, when she figures it out, Whitney decides to talk his ear off… oh, fucking nevermind.

This week, we really start to see that Ms. Cummings is also great at casting. The show’s trademark of switching from Whitney talking to her friends to Alex talking to his friends about the same squable is always satisfying. It’s like the sitcom version of “Summer Lovin'”. Plus, it must be really hard to keep coming up with fresh faces for listening to Whitney and Alex’s weekly public makeup scene. Great job, guys!

Now I’m realizing that Steve Jobs must have known on his deathbed that he wasn’t going to be able to watch the development of Ms. Cummings. Like, to know you were about to die THE DAY BEFORE a new Whitney episode? Life can be so sad.

Best LineWho? SpongeBoobs SlutPants over there!



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