The Whitney Cummings Era: Week Four

Another week is behind us, so it’s time to see the best comedy mind of our generation destroy all before her, starkly hysterical, dragging herself through the network streets at dusk looking for her snarky fix.

2 Broke Girls – And The Rich People Problems – 10.71 million viewers

You know how you have that boss that’s not mean, but so darn annoying? Ms. Cummings feels your pain, and has spun it into comic gold. This week, Han (I guess they’ve given up on the ‘Bryce’ joke) decides to put in a karaoke machine, because hipsters like karaoke (sad, but true). I’ll bet you can’t guess who was hilariously surly about it. That’s right! Max, of course. But, thankfully, it didn’t work, because at the end of the show Han had also started an open-mic night. I smell the sweet scent of a running bit.

This week’s 2 Broke Girls also taught me something – that rich people can look at bite marks in apples and tell the slightest imperfections with their teeth. Caroline sees signs of teeth migration, and totally freaks out. She doesn’t have money or insurance (health insurance cuts out the minute your father is accused of a crime – it’s the law), so she has to go to a totally gross dentist. Then she remembers she can break into her townhouse (she must have forgotten when she was homeless) to get her retainer.

Having Max see Caroline’s former life lets her see how much she’s lost. Of course, it also makes Max feel like they have nothing in common. Best way to change that? A dance-along to a Black Kids song while trying on clothes. Classic! Of course, they trip the alarm, so they’re not able to have access to this luxurious apartment with lots of fencible goods. Oh, well.

Best Line: “Chestnut bought [the paper]… he likes it when I read his horse-oscope.”

Whitney – A Decent Proposal – 4.20 million viewers

You know when you have a movie filling up your queue and then you finally watch it and the person you’re with talks all through it, but it doesn’t matter because it totally sucks anyway? Ms. Cummings feels your pain, and has spun it into comic gold. Alex and Whitney start the episode watching a romantic movie, which eventually turns in to a game of chicken where each tries to prove they’re the most romantic. It’s weird how every week they’re taking a minor argument to hilarious far-out lengths. You’d think that’d be exhausting, but I guess that’s just Alex and Whitney.

There were also crazy subplots by Whitney’s posse. Roxanne starts a tweet flirtation with a guy who she sends naked pictures to, and who… wait for it… turns out to be 15. Never seen that before! Lily decides she’s going to propose to Neal, thinking it’s silly to wait for him, only she doesn’t know… wait for it… that Neal has also set up a romantic proposal. Wow!

Best Line “I sent him some pictures of some porn star’s boobs and said they were mine… her name was also Roxanne, though.”


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