Let’s All Stop Listening to The Givers

The Givers have made waves this year with their catchy single, “Up Up Up,” a buzzy SXSW appearance, and a genial image. A recent Spin profile of the band, however, revealed that they are the very worst. The money passage:

When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Givers singer Tiffany Lamson had just started her freshman year at the University of New Orleans. She’d moved away from Lafayette, Louisiana, where she’d sung in the church band (her father was the pastor), only to see her new apartment and all her belongings drowned in 15 feet of water. Fittingly, considering Givers’ penchant for joyous pop, Lamson saw the experience as a positive. “It was awesome to be smacked in the face with that,” she says. “It changes your perspective.”

Awesome! Cool! OMG, the Givers are so so lucky that Hurricane Katrina happened.


Hey, do you know who else Hurricane Katrina awesomely changed the perspective of?

All the fucking dead people.

Also: all the homeless people. The displaced people. The people whose lives will never be the same. But still, I think we should all count our blessings. A city may have been destroyed, a nation may have been scandalized, and countless lives may have been ended or ruined, but hey — The Givers got some awesome perspective. Cool. I bet they even used the hurricane to inspire their songs and lyrics. We are all truly lucky.


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