The Douchiest Quote of 2011

Hey, John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, what was the catchiest song of 2011?

I have to be honest — there was literally only one song from the whole popular music realm that got the play-on-repeat treatment from me this year. For the most part I listened to classical music and metal in 2011, and a fair amount of the metal was a couple of decades old…. I think these are pretty grim times for rock bands lyrically — people don’t really seem to put much effort into their lyrics, or to have much ambition.


I have to be honest — I don’t really watch any modern film or television. I don’t even own an idiot box. You can keep your cathode rays for yourself, thanks. I only watch post-Hitler underground German propaganda films and early ’20s Asian-American stag films.

I have to be honest — I don’t read the treacle you people call modern literature. I only read material from Aeschylus’s acclaimed middle period and comic books that heavily feature tentacle porn.

I have to be honest — I don’t watch barbaric modern American sports. I only watch bootlegged tapes of the 1912 Stockholm Olympics and live to-the-pain cockfighting.

Ughhhhhhh. You are the worst, John Darnielle. We’ve all got a little bit of culture snob in us (even me!) but can you please give it a rest? Just because you don’t put in the effort to seek out good new music — or are too jealous of other lyricists to appreciate them — doesn’t mean you have to try to show off about how elite and urbane you are.

Dropping knowledge straight to your dome!


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