Why Community Fans Are The Most Hateful Group On Earth (After Arrested Development Fans, Of Course)

I like Community… I think it’s the most original and one of the funniest shows on television. I’m bummed that it’s going on hiatus, and I hope it comes back. But to even type those lines, I need to use a pseudonym, because I wouldn’t want anybody to group me in with Community fans.

The post-hiatus online response has pretty much followed the same dynamic that was at work when Arrested Development was cancelled (a show that I liked, and only hated because I have enough hipster doofus friends that I was screamed at drunkenly multiple times that IT’S THE BEST SHOW EVER in response to saying that I liked it). It isn’t just that a television show that you liked was cancelled, it’s that it was cancelled because the networks are stupid, and the American viewers are stupid, and that the rest of the world isn’t as smart as you. In both cases, the fans secretly loved the turmoil, because it proved that they were delicate flowers, out of step with the corrupt world at large. Because they watch a certain TV show.

Now, on some level, I understand… I liked both these shows, but I LOVED Freaks and Geeks. I felt the same sense of frustration and superiority when it was cancelled. But, I didn’t get upset enough over a TV show to try to “bring it back”… even then, there was plenty of other stuff to watch for free. And even though it’s easier now with Twitter and Facebook and whatever, I still don’t think I would have. But that doesn’t mean that Community fans didn’t take their angst to the Comment section after Entertainment Weekly’s most recent Episode Recap (admittedly chosen because it must contain a stupider strain of Community fans than most sites):

Leesa: It sickens me too. This show is too good to go away. Please, NBC, do not pull this show. Let them finish this year and one more year. The fans deserve to see our friends graduate from Community college. Please!!!!!!!!!

This is a common motif. The show “deserves” to finish its story. Community gets less than 4 million viewers. On a network. On Thursday night. In a nation of 300 million people. I know the measurements and numbers have changed, but come on.

And, uh, Leesa… calling characters on a television show “friends” is cause for concern.

Monty: 6 seasons and a movie!

That rallying cry is so fucking lame!

Ellen: I have a question for you Community fans. Did Jeff say he has a 10-year-old son in last night’s episode? Is my hearing impaired, or did I completely forget about that?
Amanda: I think he used the phrase “my ten year old self”, but I’d have to watch again to be sure.
Ace: Yep, I watch with captions, and he definitely said “self.”
Ellen: Thanks to both of you. I was beginning to think I was becoming senile, but I guess it’s just my hearing that is off!

Finally, the intellectual superiority of Community fans has been empirically proven.

Goldskull: I liked the bit where Deutschbag #1 says something along the lines of “I get pleasure from the misfortune of others. If only there was a word for that.”
(“Shadenfreude”, unless that was only obvious to not-me, in which case WITNESS MY ELATION AT HAVING GRASPED A SIMPLE JOKE)

Goldskull’s family somehow wasn’t impressed that he knows the word “shadenfreude (sic)”. Thank god he has the vacuum of the Internet to shout his knowledge into.

Tiffany: I think we all need to storm the NBC offices and flood them with letters to keep Community on the air. Like all the fans did in the 60s or 70s with Star Trek. Why oh why would they bench the best and most intelligent show on tv, yet allow dreck like Whitney to go on. . .

How dare you, Tiffany. How dare you.

Community Fan: “Sam, Ziggy’s saying there’s an 80% chance you can’t leave Woodstock until you bone these hippies.” –Al Calavicci to Dr. Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap – Gee, I must have missed that episode !(LOL).The broken Batman DVD and Annie trying to cover up bit was funny but not as interesting as Cartoon Jeff and Shirley as they do battle with the foosball set.Great episode and Damn NBC for taking it off the shelf ! Those idiots give that unfunny “Whitney” a full ride but chops down “Community”, Why ? Explain that !One more episode…….to go…….NNNNOOOOOOOOOO !P.S. Bring DOCTOR WHO’s David Tennant on “Community” ! I think it’s time that Abed, the INSPECTOR SPACETIME fan met the Time Lord of Gallifrey. (Tennant Rules !)
WT?: Matt Smith, you Deutsch

Again, I’m not with them.

Azeem Choudhury: Nick Kroll is the man. Between this guy, his 2 characters on Childrens Hospital, Worst Week, and the League, he’s probably the funniest guy on tv right now (on aggregate…per line, probably Schmidt from New girl)

Great… now Sabermetrics is going to ruin television too.

MJ: I loved this episode. Jeff and Shirley together were great and the anime sequence was unexpected and hilarious. One of my favorite lines was after Abed took off the Batman costume Troy played all surprise “Abed where have you been?!”.
sue d: Troy was so happy that Abed used the rapelling rope that he gave him for Christmas. LOL

Yes, clearly a superior fan base that appreciates subtle humor.

YH: Did anyone else besides me pause at the end of Leonard’s frozen pizza review clip to read his long rant? This show has so many hilarious side jokes that 90% of viewers will miss unless they’re paying close attention like the Quantum Leap line.

The ironic part is that the same people who would chant “We Are The 99%” feel superiority about being the 10% good enough to understand Community.



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