The Top 12 PCHA Comments of the Year

The Pop Culture Has AIDS commentariat is a lively, sophisticated bunch. They’re educated, they’re hyper-literate, and their arguments are typically well-reasoned and clearly explained. As a thank you to our loyal readers — and to show off the best commenters on the Internet — we proudly present the top twelve Pop Culture Has AIDS comments of 2011. Remember, PCHA is not a one-way street. It’s all about discussion and communication — and we love to hear from you!

12. wow man…seriously, you need some anger management/ psychological counseling. going off about some character in a movie the way you did is absurd and pathetic. i’m so sorry things in the movie weren’t “perfect” for you, but get the f*** over it kid. I’d hate to run across you in real life. You’d probably try to kill me if I accidently bumped into you on the street and then I’d have to defend myself and end up killing you. Eventually, I’d get arrested and then set free for self defense against a lunatic. It would be kind of fun but too much of a hassle. — from Jay (response to An Open Letter to Billy Beane’s Fake Daughter in Moneyball)

11. sweet article…not. it looks like you really have a lot of fans who read your articles. CONGRATS! Everybody has their own taste in comedy, and comparing your style with Daniel’s it looks like he’s got you beat by a few…..million. too bad your glory days of writing in your high school newspaper are over, because you obviously don’t have the the talent or skills to get a real job — from Riley (response to Tosh.TheDeclineofWesternCivilization)

10. How can you call someone fake and nonexistent when they actually do exist and are in fact real? You are a rumbaed! — from Anonymous (response to An Open Letter to Billy Beane’s Fake Daughter in Moneyball)

9. And yet it’s OK for you to sail a banner that suggests Mike Tyson is hitting Lindsay Lohan, and Dick NIxon is giving it the thumbs up. It would seem you’re part of the problem for which you profess hate … as I’m fairly certain that never happened. Not literally. That’s the point of your diatribe, Isn’t it? That in portraying real people, a story has to abide by outright literal truth? Or, Is it just OK when you do it? — from Anonymous (response to An Open Letter to Billy Beane’s Fake Daughter in Moneyball)

8. Someones never been to Arizona. That’s o.k. though. I think I can speak on behalf of all Arizonians that you should probably stay in new york, new jersey california or any country in the middle east. It’s obvious the only thing that has aids is your perception of individual liberties. Have a good day. — from Malcolm (response to Arizona: Great State or Greatest State?)

7. Yeah and tosh is the one with the tv show on comedy central and you are a lonely old man living with your mom in her basement sippin on that hateraide. If you dont like or think it’s an “abortion to television” then dont watch it. — from seattle loc (response to Tosh.TheDeclineofWesternCivilization)

6. Your a fucking fag she’s like 12 quit complaining on the Internet where some people actually listen to you and get a life. And one more time fuck off — from Anonymous (response to An Open Letter to Billy Beane’s Fake Daughter in Moneyball)

5. Much love back at ya Killa K. Besides she should know that we wouldn’t like her on stage because this is some hardcore-underground shit not no radio pop-chart rich and fame B.S. And why would she flash us any way, you really think that would help you, we can’t even stand to look at your face on our stage so next time you sue, remember its your damn fault for not getting off after that first rock. — from Axe the Ace (response to (Who Knew? I Heart I.C.P.)

4. couldnt finish reading this nonsensical piece of defecation… keep writing bro — from Anonymous (response to Matthew Berry’s Wife Defends Matthew Berry)

3. Stop taking shit Hipster Runoff says so seriously you stupid cunt. BTW Lana Del Rey fucking sucks and her voice doesn’t hold a candle to the voices of classically trained opera vocalists who take singing lessons in their teenage years and then go to music school for 10 years, go listen to real music like Wagner, Bruckner, Mahler. Dumb bitch. — from toni (response to Lana Del Rey, Sexism, and the Myth of Authenticity)

2. your a retard — from Sam (response to The Eight Best TV Opening Credit Sequences (And the Worst))

1. You’re a faggot. — from Christian (response to The 20 Biggest Douchebags in Baseball)



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2 responses to “The Top 12 PCHA Comments of the Year

  1. kaz

    Fuck you, you fat sweet treat pilfering bitch.

  2. Musky Canadian Scent

    What do I have to do to make this list? Maybe this will work:

    What are you talking about you obviously don’t know anything stupidface who doesn’t have his own tv show and therefore can’t comment on anything because obviously your wrong because someone else made more money and isreadbymorepeoplethanyouANDILOVEJESUSANDCUNT!CUNT!CUNT!CUNT!CUNT!CUNT!CUNT!CUNT!CUNT!CUNT!CUNT!CUNT!

    /has stroke, dies

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