Ferris Bueller and the Depressing Selling Out of Our Collective Past

If advertising has one defining trait, it’s imitation. When a commercial is viewed as successful, we can expect copies from competitors falling off the assembly line within the hour. Since Honda’s Ferris Bueller ad has generated more buzz than any other Super Bowl commercial, it’s safe to assume that other corporations and advertising agencies are already furiously working to sign other actors to recreate their iconic ’80s film characters in service of a mundane, poorly fitting products.

First, watch the Ferris spot:

Then join us after the jump as we disclose which other stars are set to appear in campaigns this year.

Our 10 Most Anticipated New Commercials of 2012

1) Harrison Ford slips back into his fedora as Indiana Jones appears in a new commercial promoting Liquid Paper brand white-out.

2) Spike Lee brings back Mookie from Do the Right Thing as a middle-aged man to sponsor Papa John’s pizza.

3) Surprise! Scarface survived that hail of bullets, and has been in witness protection all this time. Now, he’s in a commercial for Olive Garden.

4) Bill Murray finally gets back in that iconic suit as Peter Venkman shills for Supercuts.

5) Tom Cruise’s Maverick is back and looking good in his Old Navy jeans.

6) In a brave performance, Michael J. Fox shows us what Teen Wolf looks like 25 years later in a spot for H&R Block Tax Preparation.

7) Robert DeNiro goes Method on us again, packs on 30 pounds, and transforms into old, fat Jake LaMotta for an ad hyping Beats By Dre headphones.

8) Winona Ryder shows us what’s become of Veronica from Heathers in her soccer-mom phase, promoting new V8 Fusion Juice.

9) Reunited! Carey Elwes and Robin Wright are Westley and Buttercup once again, and they want to tell you about the benefits of Dyson brand vacuum cleaners.

10) CGI magic bring John Matuszak back from the grave with a commercial featuring Sloth hawking…not Baby Ruths, oddly, but Sun Maid raisins.


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