Welcome to Texas Rangers Demystification Day!

You guys, I’m a little concerned.

The Texas Rangers have won two straight American League pennants, they came within a strike of winning their first World Series, they have a famous owner and a lucrative new television contract. Great! Great for them! For reals. It’s nice to have a new lasting power in baseball, and GM Jon Daniels clearly knows what he’s doing. In recent years, the team has made savvy trades (Mark Teixeira), smart free agent decisions (signing Adrian Beltre; letting C.J. Wilson go), and wise choices when locking up homegrown players to long-term deals (Ian Kinsler).


I think people are getting a little carried away. The sports media has instantly begun treating the Rangers as though they are God’s Perfect Franchise (which many Texans no doubt believe to be true). The team’s hot start this season has exacerbated the issue — suddenly, the Rangers are special. They’re not just another team anymore. They’ve entered that zone that previously belonged to the 1996-2001 Yankees, the 2004-2007 Red Sox, and Tony LaRussa’s entire career, all without even winning a championship. The mythmakers are hard at work building monuments and writing odes to the mighty and powerful Rangers.

Well, here at Pop Culture Has AIDS, you could say we specialize in tearing down what others hold sacred. Mostly for our own amusement, but also to show the hypocrisy and stupidity of our current cultural guardians: in this case, the sports media. So let’s pull back the curtains on the Rangers, and unshroud the sacred figures that ESPN et al. would have us believe are one of the great teams in our history. Check back throughout the day!



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2 responses to “Welcome to Texas Rangers Demystification Day!

  1. Anonymous

    I made a huge mistake…never replying to a blog from my phone again. Nonetheless the Yankees get more love and tv time from sports media than any team in American sports. Redsox, Cowboys and Lakers only teams in same ballpark.

  2. Anonymous

    A Yankees fan complaining about the media love of any other team is literally one of the most blindly hypocritical arguments about I’ve ever heard in our outside of sports.

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